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Brian’s Dinner

We take a lot of pride in the relationships we have with our customers; we call them our friends.

Well, one friend who has been with us since the beginning recently needed some inspiration for dinner. Brian had a piece of sea bass and some scallops at home and was looking for ideas for something a little different. Well, after talking about what kind of flavors his family enjoys, the ideas started rolling. We hit the shelves and started building a meal.

Brian's Dinner

Salted capers from Salina, dried Calabrese hot peppers, Italian tomatoes, and colossal cracked green olives from Sicily combined to create a delicious southern Italian marriage of flavors to accompany his fresh seafood.

A fresh Burrata from Puglia (picked up fresh from the airport), fresh baby Arugula and Radicchio, Parmigiano flatbreads and great D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a refreshing side salad to balance the heat of the peppers and the salty Mediterranean flavors of the capers. Brian’s family all enjoyed their meal and we enjoyed the success of our influence and assistance.

Never hesitate to ask any of the guy’s behind the counter for a little advice to spark up some extra flavor to your dinner!

Here is a snippet of his email to us:
Dear Angelo:

I made your recipe tonight for sea bass and scallops with the Sicilian sauce and the salad. the family loved. so did I.
Picture attached.
Your friend,

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