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Our Ingredients and Products

At A&S we do our best to make things as homemade and personal as possible.


Eye Round Roast Beef over beautifully roasted vegetables, with homemade natural gravy.

We make our own stocks for soups, gravies, sauces, etc. These are all freshly made a few times a week from all fresh ingredients. Veal marrow bones and beef trimmings are spiced up with fresh and dried herbs and vegetables. They are then ready for hours of roasting then cooking down in liquid on the  stove creating a deliciously light yet fragrant and flavorful broth used in our Marsala sauce, gravy for our roasted meats,stews, lentil dishes and soups, osso bucco, short ribs, lamb shanks, etc.

Lemon- Herb Chicken- stock with white wine, garlic cloves, fresh and dry herbs, and Bell and Evan's chicken.

Bell and Evan’s whole chickens and their trimmings pair with herbs and vegetables to make our chicken soup likegrandma made, and our many sauces and dishes like Francese, Piccata, escarole and beans, roasted chicken dishes, etc, so delicious and also natural.






Tomato Sauces

Garlic, red onion, Calabrese chilis, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Being an Italian market, our tomato sauces are probably some of the most important creations in our store. Our tomato- based sauces are started with only fresh vegetables and herbs, good olive oil, and, of course, imported tomatoes from Italy’s prized San Marzano region.  For specialty sauces, the best in cured meats like Guanciale, Pancetta, and Prosciutto, homemade sausage, daily- delivered vegetables, and fine imported items like anchovies, Sicilian oregano, Calabrese peppers, capers from Salina, Gaeta olives, etc.

 Although California and New Jersey produce some great crops, the Volcanic soils in Campania, Italy help create the perfect plum tomato for any sauce of the variety.  Some different sauces require the little, sweet cherry tomatoes from Collina.

Since most have seen the San Marzano plum tomato before, here is the beautiful Pomodorini di Collina.

Our Marinara and Plum Tomato sauces use only olive oil, garlic, onion, parsley, basil, and the Italian pomodoro. And, that is it, no added butters, wines, sugars, preservatives, or anything that take away the starring role from the tomato and the integrity of the sauce. Our meat sauces contain ONLY the meat we butcher, either ground pork, beef, and veal or whole pieces of these meats cooked for hours till falling apart and melting in your mouth.

This is what is near to my heart and what I was taught to do. 

It is extremely common to see a large pot on our stove, bubbling away, and completely altering the aromas in our store and in the surrounding shopping center. If you’d like a taste of what is cooking, just ask, please! I promise you will never have a problem filling your stomach in our store, everything is up for samples, in fact, we promote it.

Our Tomato Sauces are available daily and our stocks are also up for sale to make great dishes at your home.

What else do we make or carry to go along with these sauces? That will have to wait for next entry! Check back soon or just come on in!


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