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Special Easter Items

Each Holiday has specialty items that we import from Italy. For Easter we carry Milk and Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs (with prize included) and Colomba cakes.

 The Colomba are cakes similar to the Christmas season’s Panettone but in a shape resembling a dove, a well- recognized symbol of Easter. They are made with the very best ingredients: real butters and flavorings, no hydrogenated fats, Italian made candied fruits, dried raisins, fine Italian chocolate, etc. We sell a variety of Colomba from Classico to Gianduja Chocolate Cream (Even a chocolate variety in the shape of a lamb, Agnello in Italian). Along with Pastiera, these cakes are a very traditional Easter desert and a favorite on our tables this time of year. They can be eaten as is, topped with gelato or yogurt, or made into French toast. Like the Panettone, Colomba were made to last for a few months to a year as long as they are wrapped tightly in plastic or secured in a Ziploc- type bag.

Fiasconaro Classico from Sicily, Battistero Classico from Parma

Loison Classica & Cioccolato from Veneto, Galup Classica, Agnello(Lamb) & Gianduja from Torino

The very popular and very delicious Chocolate Easter Eggs are available in both Dark (Fondente) or Milk (Latte) Chocolate. They range in sizes from 3 ounces to 32 Ounces. The chocolate used to create these hollow chocolate masterpieces are made of the finest Italian ingredients.  It was always such a great gift to get when we were growing up. As we got older, the egg got bigger. But, even as an adult, I enjoy giving and receiving a Chocolate Egg or two on Easter. We are happy to tag the eggs of your desire with your name in order to reserve it, without having to hide it in your home (as a kid I loved searching for Holiday gifts, and I am sure your children feel the same way) and you can pick it up anytime before Easter Sunday.

Here are some Nutal 3 oz. Milk Chocolate.


Here are some Marinella and Nutal Dark Chocolate Eggs, 7 oz. and 10 oz.

3rd Annual Giant Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Raffle

This is the HUGE, 11 lb. Fine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg we are Raffling off this year!

That’s right! 11 pounds of delicious imported Italian Dark Chocolate. Raffle Tickets are only $1 each and there is no limit to how many you can buy. “Why would I want 11 pounds of chocolate?” you may ask yourself. Well, it is a great novelty to make your children smile like never before and a wonderfully delicious way to impress your guests (especially when you can send them each home with a “doggy bag” of this great chocolate). The Raffle comes to an end on the day before Easter. We randomly choose a customer to pick the winning ticket from a “hat” so it is all fair. And, sadly, none of us workers or our families can take part in any raffles here at A&S 🙁

Here I am with last year's winner, Madeline.

Make your Easter truly complete and keep these traditions going strong with both of these specialties. They may not fit into your diet plans, but holidays are always an exception. It  is always wonderful to look forward to these great confections every year for adults and their children alike!

Ci Vediamo!


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